Welcome to a new kind of publishing

Welcome to Shuswap Press.

Shuswap Press is an imprint of Playfort Publishing in Salmon Arm. We hear from authors all the time. They want their stories published. We want to help. Trick is, how can we do it in a way that is commercially viable for both the author and the publisher. Our answer?  Start small.

So we’ve gone back to the drawing board and borrowed ideas from our predecessors. We’ve gone way back in fact, to the chapbook, the original “start small” book. We’ve also worked with authors who are more, shall we say, voluminous, to edit selections of their works for a first attempt at publication.

Simply told stories from around here, Shuswap Press helps authors dip their toes, as it were – in the uncertain waters of publishing – one story or one selection of stories at a time.

We share the risk. It’s not traditional publishing but it isn’t vanity publishing either. It’s somewhere in between. We’ll copy edit, type set, catalogue and print your book. We’ll ¬†give you a page on our site, right here. We’ll work together to build you a readership. If you want, you can buy at cost plus and sell your own books and keep the proceeds. Or we can do it the traditional way – where we sell and pay you a royalty. It’s a mix and match system that makes that first book a bit easier to get done.

Together, we find a way to build your readership. A way to tell your stories. The stories that need telling.

For more information, please contact us at louise@playfortpublishing.ca or call us at 250 833 5554.